2022 CE Ambient Sound Therapy (Gongs, Bells & Bowls)

Tennessee School of Massage

Licensed Massage Therapists, Meditation, Sound Enthusiasts

Six or Twelve Hours Total (6 hours each day) 10am - 4pm 6 CE Hours/Day 

(Available dates - Oct, Nov and Dec. Please see drop down menu below for details)

This class focuses on ambient sound therapy - How music & sound works with the central nervous system to affect and aid in healing physical, spiritual or mental trauma.

Ambient Sound for Massage Therapists, Day One
This is the first class in a series using Singing bowls, Chimes, Gongs, bells and other relaxing sounds. This first day is dedicated to selecting bowls and mallets, listening and discernment, choosing the style of bodywork you perform with sound, developing skills in the "attack" (striking the bowls or gongs) and the importance of bowl shape, grip and pressure. You will develop techniques and layouts to comfort the client on a table or floor. Learn the importance of timing a session. Bowls and mallets available for sale on site. Class is limited, non-massage therapists may attend.

Ambient Sound for Massage Therapists, Day Two
Number two in a series of Ambient Sound, today focuses on Gongs how to add a gong session to your bodywork therapies. This class will teach rhythm and a sound therapy that will blend well in all styles of massage therapy. Students will learn to strike a gong, develop techniques for blending these powerful instruments to create a deep relaxation experience either stand-alone or in conjuction with a massage session. When played properly the mind will go into a state ofdeep relaxation. When the mind and body relaxes, the massage is easier and more importantly, the massage is easier on the therapist’s hand and arms. Working with pain and spasm and touch sensitive clients can set your practice apart from other bodyworkers.

Information from day one and two are different but feel free to take either day or both.

* No Refunds, Credit for future classes is issued.