2022 CE Aromatherapy Cupping for LMTs 6 CE Hours

Tennessee School of Massage

10 am - 4 pm (6 CE Hours)

Cupping is an ancient form of Chinese healing dating back thousands of years. In this class you will a brief history and aromatherapy cupping techniques you’ll need to add this extremely effective therapy to your practice.

This beautiful aroma-cupping class focuses on the benefits of aromatherapy cupping for clients needing a deeper treatment but fear "cup marks" or fear of pain with a cupping treatment. You will learn how to use soft, flexible silicone cups that have larger lip areas designed to move easily over skin. And because they are not stationary, these specially developed cups decrease the chance of "cup marks". We will discuss the best treatment using aromatic oil blends and how to incorporate aromatherapy and as a bonus how to utilize a back scrub prior to cupping treatment.

Add on Aroma-cupping treatments include protocols for sinus and congestion, muscle spasm, headaches/migraines, facelift, abdominal treatments, spider veins, cellulite and more.

    Students may schedule a total of 6 hours of aromatherapy cupping for this class.  An addition 12 hours of cupping can be purchased through the Cupping Class.
    * No Refunds after sale. Credit for future classes only.