Sound Training - Cultivating a Personal Sound Practice Through the Gong with Sher Levesque

Tennessee School of Massage

Sound is a medium that can be explored via many pathways, ones that often intersect and overlap. The gong is a dynamic, multidimensional instrument that offers much depth when considering using sound for paths such as relaxation, meditation, for more therapeutic applications, personal ritual/ceremony work,  journeying and more. This experiential workshop will explore the foundations of using sound via gong playing to explore these different pathways. We'll dive into several mini-sound explorations, upon a layered framework, which includes pranayamas (breathing practices), visualizations & moving meditations with the soundscape explorations. 

The intention of this workshop is to use explore practices for personal use, as well as group or individual treatments. Not everyone who plays the gong wants to do so for others. Many sound workers may have periods of time where they need to reconnect or revitalize their personal sound practice with the gong. Whether we are playing for just ourselves, friends, clients or a large group of strangers we must tend to our own well being and own relationship with the soundscape. Open to all levels of gong players, from absolute beginners to those who are sound workers and are looking to deepen their relationship to the sound current for personal exploration. If participants have gongs/stands/mallets they can bring along or I will provide a gong for them to use. 

Friday June 5th, 2020 10AM - 5:30PM

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